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West Africa Sahel Gabon Coup Uncovers Cash Bribery

•, By Helena Glass

The methodology to accomplish this Ponzi has been laid out as an agenda:   1.   Bring Africa into the Minerals Security Partnership.   2.   Ue the Inflation Reduction Act to funnel US Taxpayer money to resource rich African countries.   3.   Leverage economic diplomacy.

The latest coup in Gabon revealed some interesting 'leveraging techniques'.   The military junta found multiple suitcases loaded with cash at the homes of the president, Ali Bongo, and a politician. The cash came in the form of UK pounds, Euros, and US dollars.  The President and his advisor are currently under house arrest.

IS this what CSIS defines as leveraging economic diplomacy?   We can be assured this is a bribe and explains why despite claims of USAID dollars going to Africa – in fact it hasn't – it goes to a select few as bribery in exchange for looting the countries resources.