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Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Causes VAIDS in Children, Study Proves

• - Igor Chudov

Many of us shared anecdotes of loved ones vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines – and suffering from all sorts of unrelated illnesses afterward. I know a young individual who, after mandated COVID vaccination, had all sorts of bacterial illnesses that he never had before. (This story was a major impetus to my opening and growing this substack).

Finally, we have scientific confirmation that vaccination against COVID-19 causes a marked decrease in immunity to heterologous pathogens such as other viruses, bacteria and fungi. This decreased immunity to other pathogens (acquired immune deficit) is what people colloquially refer to as "VAIDS." (VAIDS stands for Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

The study titled BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination in children alters cytokine responses to heterologous pathogens and Toll-like receptor agonistsset out to measure the quality of immune responses in children vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID vaccine.