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The cars are winning against the 15 Minute Cities in the UK

• by Jo Nova

It's hard to believe someone thought that adding artificial blockages to roads would free people from their vehicle-addiction. As if making car trips artificially long, circuitous and inconvenient would teach people to love walking?

It's part of the 15 minute city plan, where everything was supposed to be within a heavenly short walk from home, so we could give up cars, save the planet, change the atmosphere and get fit too. But the Deplorables didn't like it.

The idea of a Low Traffic Network (LTN) sounded so apple-pie. Everyone wants fewer cars on the road. So when pollsters asked deliberately ambiguous questions, people would say "yes" they liked the idea. But living with LTN's wasn't much fun when it turned out it was their car the overlords wanted to get rid of. And so the protests and petitions began. Under the cover of darkness, people set bollards on fire, attacked them with chainsaws, and even poured concrete in the anchor holes so it was harder to replace them.

But what really seems to have got the attention of politicians is when their own party splits and the renegades win. As Tim Abrahams at UnHerd describes it, politicians are backing away quickly now after a couple of safe Labor council seats went to Labor rebels who left the party and ran on "pro-motorist" platforms.

The revenge of Britain's motorists

Tim Abrahams at UnHerd

There is a sense that politicians are increasingly waging a "war on cars". Measures include road filtering, to give priority to low-carbon methods of transport, and placing extra charges on polluting vehicles, in a push towards net zero. The shift is prompting anguished debate and splits within parties.

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