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Franken-Meat Grown From Chicken Cells in Labs Set to Take Over US Restaurants -

• by S.D. Wells

Some big questions preside over whether the new fake "cultured" chicken meat will be labeled as such when it's served in all the major restaurants and sold in supermarkets across the nation soon, now that it's approved for "manufacturing" from chicken cells in a laboratory. Natural health advocates call this Franken-meat, because only Frankenstein himself would be dumb enough to eat experimental, lab-concocted, chicken-cell-junk-science food stuff.

The global food supply is being "reset" by insidious globalists who fund the creation of gain-of-function viruses, deadly blood-clotting "vaccines" for those viruses, and Franken-meat for all the infected-and-injected zombies to sink their eye teeth into like drooling werewolves. According to climate change enthusiasts and extremists, humans are ending all earth life in the next few years by driving fuel-based vehicles, flying anywhere in a plane, using plastic straws at Starbucks, and wait for it… eating land animals.