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Lucky mystery man literally unearths buried treasure worth millions

•, By Johnathan Jones

People with vivid imaginations often daydream of stumbling across a hidden treasure that could change their lives forever.

Such fantasies, in which the grass is greener and financial issues are a thing of the past, can take up hours a day for those who have them.

That dream is a reality for one farmer who stumbled across a trove of 700 Civil War-era gold and silver coins in a field on his Kentucky property -- where the grass was likely a shade of blue.

Live Science reported the mystery man, whose property and identity have not been released, uncovered coins that were minted between 1840 and 1863.

GovMint, which authenticates and sells rare coins, shared a video of the discovery of the pieces, which are 95 percent gold.

A short clip shows the coins covered in mud and other sediment after sitting for more than 160 years.

The man who found the treasure can be heard on video sharing his excitement.

"This is the most insane thing ever," he said.

"Every state has tales of lost or buried treasure and that's especially true in Kentucky!" GovMint noted. "One of the greatest finds occurred this year, 2023, unearthed on Kentucky farmland—a find so monumental that it has been hailed as the Great Kentucky Hoard."