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Leftist Agenda Can Only Advance by Force and Deceit

•, by Christopher G. Adamo

In a direct challenge to Twitter, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is about to launch his own comparable social media platform "Threads." And if you were unaware of this momentous news until now, do not feel bad. Outside of the "Big Tech" echo chamber, few others have heard about it either. Moreover, expect the world we live in to be little different on Friday, the day after the much ballyhooed Threads Thursday launch.

It is altogether telling that Zuckerberg and his kind think they can somehow neutralize the reach of Twitter, for which they have total disdain ever since it was purchased by multi-billionaire Elon Musk. Upon taking the helm, Musk proceeded to clean house and rescue Twitter from the mire of leftie censors and manipulators who had thoroughly stifled and choked the voices of Conservatives and Patriots. Instead, Musk contends for free speech for all, not fearing an open exchange of ideas on the Twitter platform. Among "Big Tech" and its Fake News lackeys, the outrage against Musk has been venomous and incessant ever since.

This pattern is actually a repeat of other events which transpired in recent decades. In the late 1980s, America was stunned to suddenly hear the frank and refreshing honesty of Rush Limbaugh over the AM radio airwaves. Prior to his daily three hour program, the only "news" of National issues that was available to the American people was filtered through the near monopoly of the "networks," along with the New York Times and Washington Post. It was nearly impossible to gain access to the facts in any other manner.

However, Limbaugh combined his inimitable sense of humor with a surgical precision in spotlighting the happenings of the day, seeing through the bias, "connecting the dots," and explaining all of it in stark clarity for the Nation. Suddenly, leftists had lost their critically necessary media/information monopoly, by which they had been steadily encroaching on the morals and traditions of America's history and founding. Finally, Americans were getting the truth. Something drastic had to be done! Amazingly, the leftist political apparatus presumed it could simply out muscle Limbaugh on the AM talk radio venue.

Several nearly comical flailing attempts followed, all of which stumbled along for a few years before shutting down. In the mid 1990s former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle was put in front of a microphone. Surely, being the consummate leftist Democrat D.C. insider, he could outwit Limbaugh, a mere commoner who had gained a voice. Eventually, the plug was pulled on the pathologically insipid Daschle debacle.