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Jeremy Kauffman's Heated Dispute with "Anti-Vax" Contestant (Full - PorcFest 2023 - So

•, The System is Down

The topics can rude, hilarious, or even hilariously rude. Each contestant's rant is critiqued by a panel of judges, who are also expected to be comedically judgmental.

I've been asked a lot about the incident that took place on 06.24.23 between Jeremy Kauffman and the "anti-vax" contestant; People wanting to see the full clip for context to judge for themselves. They know that I do work with Jeremy & they know that I am likely to have filmed it. Of course I did.

This is the uncut footage of the event in realtime. If there is more context that happened off-stage, I am unaware of it. I have my opinions, but I will not be sharing them here, as that is not my purpose for sharing, but only to present full context on a situation that has sparked controversy and rumors.