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Podcast -- Richard Grove -- The Hidden History Of Nazism In America & The CIA's 9/11 Coup


In this week's episode of The Free Thought Project Podcast, Jason and Don converse with filmmaker, historian, whistleblower, and world-class researcher Richard Grove, who also hosts the Grand Theft World podcast. The discussion begins with Richard narrating his near-death experience on September 11th, when he was just blocks away from ground zero. He narrowly avoided being in the World Trade Center during the attack thanks to a traffic jam.

Richard goes on to share his insights about Operation Paperclip, the program that brought Nazis to the United States after World War II. Interestingly, he reveals that those same Nazis were instrumental in the founding of the CIA. The conversation then unravels the intricate web of deceit tied to 9/11, shedding light on how the CIA trained Al Qaeda operatives. Believing they were being taught to pilot planes, these operatives were, in fact, being trained to transport drugs for Epstein and "Air America."

The podcast also features a discussion about Richard's "University of Reason Autonomy" course, currently in its 10th season. If you have a keen interest in history or need more insight to understand the events of 9/11, this episode is for you!
(Length: 1:07:33)