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"Rantings Of A Demagogue" - Parents Angered By Princeton President's Graduation Addres

•, by Abigail Anthony

They scoffed at his claim that the Ivy League institution is a bastion of free speech and bristled at his embrace of all kinds of diversity except intellectual diversity.

"President Eisgruber's commencement speech was a disgrace," a mother of a graduating senior told The College Fix in an email.

"The primary assault on free speech takes place on every campus in this country – including Princeton."

"It takes the form of blocking and shouting down faculty and invited speakers who dare to stray from the liberal orthodoxy," she said. 

"…He chose to use his 2023 commencement address to deliver the rantings of a demagogue."

Eisgruber told the audience "we must stand up and speak up together for the values of free expression and full inclusivity for people of all identities."

"There are people who claim, for example, that when colleges and universities endorse the value of diversity and inclusivity or teach about racism and sexism, they are 'indoctrinating students' or in some other way endangering free speech," he said.

Eisgruber also criticized Florida legislation without specifying which bills, suggesting students in Florida are now living in fear. He denounced other newly passed laws across the nation that have reined in illiberalism.

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Parents are dumb. You either forced your kid to go here, or they chose of their own free will. Either way you should expect this from Princeton. Get a life.