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Why Is the Establishment So Scared of RFK Jr.?

• Organic Prepper - Marie Hawthorne

The OP has suffered a lot from deplatforming, as Daisy has documented. This has been very difficult financially, but we're far from alone. One of the biggest public figures regularly getting shut down is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an official presidential candidate. RFK is constantly getting banned and smeared as an "anti-vaxxer." But is he really that crazy?

Some background on RFK Jr.

RFK Jr. was born famous and privileged, except, of course, for his father and uncle getting assassinated in his childhood. For a long time, RFK Jr. was best known as an environmental lawyer. He became involved in cleaning up the Hudson River in the 1980s as part of court-mandated community service from a heroin arrest. His community service inspired him to work with multiple groups dedicated to cleaning up the Hudson, and he eventually founded Waterkeeper Alliance in 1999.

His environmental hero status didn't last, however. In 2005, he entered the vaccine debate after being contacted by parents of vaccine-injured children. Since then, it has been hard to find an article about RFK Jr. that doesn't begin by describing him as an "anti-vaxxer."