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Dr. Peter McCullough on Jamie Foxx and the Shocking Potential Role of Spike Protein


Now Dr. McCullough is speaking out after the news of a severe medical event that has left famed actor Jamie Foxx in serious condition.

On May 30, celebrated New York gossip columnist, A.J. Benza, told Dr. Drew that—according to a hospital informant—Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke after being compelled to receive the COVID-19 shot in order to remain on the cast of Back in Action.

Jamie Foxx is not only a much-loved public figure, he was also, at the age of 55, in excellent physical condition just prior to being rushed to the hospital. 

About a year ago, Mr. Foxx told Dr. McCullough that he had profound misgivings about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. McCullough wrote this week about his conversations with Foxx about the vaccine and about his concern for Foxx's future,

As a public figure and practicing doctor, I get calls and questions from patients and family members every day all over the world. Without engaging in a doctor-patient relationship in the clinic or hospital, I cannot make a diagnosis, or give direct medical advice or care. However, I can help audiences develop an interpretive framework in public commentary.

I was asked by Dan Ball on Real America, about the condition of beloved actor Jamie Foxx. I had met Foxx in 2021 and we had a personal conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines. While that remains confidential, I can tell you I am concerned that if indeed he has suffered a stroke or intracranial hemorrhage, the long-term prognosis may not be good.