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Tucker Carlson debuts his new show and slams the West's unwavering support for Ukraine...


Tucker Carlson has launched his much-anticipated Twitter show, publishing a 10-minute clip in which he attacked Ukraine and questioned why the UFO whistleblower was not dominating US headlines.

Fired by Fox News in April, Carlson accused media organizations like his previous employer of keeping people in the dark in a deliberate attempt to hold them in submission - claiming they ignored a hearing on possible UFOs, and arguing that the media was naive about events in Ukraine.  

He said he decided to broadcast his show on Twitter as a means of freely discussing issues of the day, without needing the support of legacy media. Carlson likened it to Cold War-era broadcasting, saying he hoped his show 'will be the shortwave radio under the blankets.' 

'By this point, it's possible American citizens are the least informed people in the world,' he said. 'Diversity is our strength; trans women are women; Zelensky is Churchill: it's all self evidently true. Doesn't need an explanation. And don't ask questions.'