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• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Readers also want to know if the FBI's blatant protection of Joe and Hunter Biden by refusing a House subpoena to release a document that incriminates the Bidens in criminal activity, together with Biden's infirmities of age, have lost the election for Biden.

Clearly the FBI's gross interference in presidential elections is a fact.  But to be clear, my forte is not politics.  Some think that because I was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a member of the Congressional staff I know all about politics.  Having watched politics in operation, I do know something, but I had a policy role, not a political function, in my government years.  

In the Congressional staff my role was to devise a supply-side policy that would end stagflation and would be acceptable both to Democrats and Republicans.  In the Treasury my role was to get President Reagan's supply-side policy out of his administration without it being so watered down in compromises that it would be ineffectual.  Later I had a role in helping Reagan end the Cold War.

Of course, politics and policy are not completely independent of one another.  Good policies can be prevented by politics, and bad policies can be implemented that serve special interests. Successful policy implementation requires awareness of politics and strong policy arguments.