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WAYNE ROOT: YouTube Banned & Deleted My Interview --

• By Wayne Allyn Ro

I believe I've come up with a game-changer. An idea that has the power to save America from destruction and collapse at the hands of our enemies (domestic and foreign).

An idea so powerful that if President Trump adopts it as a centerpiece of his campaign, it will catapult him to re-election as the 47th President of the United States.

This idea is like Kryptonite to the Deep State. It threatens the power structure of the entire American political system and U.S. government. 

Because it will prove virtually the entire DC Swamp, Deep State, Democrat Party, US government and even large swaths of the GOP, are traitors to the American people.

How do I know this idea is that good, that powerful?

First, because I unveiled it recently at my speech in front of over 1200 attendees at Club 47, the world's largest Trump fan club, in Palm Beach, Florida. My speech ended with a standing ovation- and this idea received the wildest ovation of the night.