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HOW CLEARVIEW AI - powered by facial recognition technology

• Clearview AI


Advanced AI to make us safer and more secure — wherever we live, learn, work, travel, or commerce.


Clearview AI is a privately-owned, U.S. based company, dedicated to innovating and providing the most cutting-edge technology to law enforcement to investigate crimes, enhance public safety and provide justice to victims.

And that's why we developed a revolutionary, web-based intelligence platform for law enforcement to use as a tool to help generate high-quality investigative leads. Our platform, powered by facial recognition technology, includes the largest known database of 30+ billion facial images sourced from public-only web sources, including news media, mugshot websites, public social media, and other open sources. ?

Our solutions allow agencies to gain intelligence and disrupt crime by revealing leads, insights and relationships to help investigators solve both simple and complex crimes, increase officer and public safety, and keep our communities and families safer.

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