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Outrage Grows As Kohl's Stores Offer LGBTQ Clothing for Babies-

• by Tony Gray

Conservative outrage against retailers pushing transgender and LGBTQ merchandise for children expanded to a store selling Pride onesies for infants.

Kohl's is the latest department store to get caught up in the culture war against marketing woke agendas to children. The company, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, is the largest U.S. department store chain.

The Daily Mail further reported:

Kohl's has become the latest retailer to receive backlash for catering to the 'woke crowd' after shoppers slammed their LGBTQ+ apparel for infants.

The onesies with the LGBTQ+ pride flag on them, specifically tailored to June, which is known internationally as Pride Month, have even sparked calls for a store boycott.