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Elon Musk hints at support for new 2024 presidential candidate

•, by Anders Hagstrom

Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, announced his candidacy at a Monday event, and his office tweeted out a live stream, saying, "Let's go!" Musk retweeted the announcement video from his own personal account, though he did not formally endorse Scott.

Scott is the latest candidate to join the growing Republican field, and more players are expected to enter the race. Currently leading the pack is former President Donald Trump, followed by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

Tuesday Fox News confirmed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will announce his intention to enter the race. He is expected do so during an Twitter interview with Elon Musk on Wednesday at 6pm ET. The scoop was re-tweeted by Musk himself. 

Vice President Mike Pence is also widely expected to enter the race.

Scott, a rising star in the GOP and the only Black Republican in the Senate, is preaching what he described in an interview with Fox News on the eve of his campaign kickoff as an "optimistic, positive message anchored in conservatism."

Scott took a swipe at Trump during his announcement speech Monday, asking, "Victimhood or victory? Grievance or greatness?"

"I choose freedom and hope and opportunity," Scott stressed.

Scott expressed confidence on Sunday that his entrance into the race will start to boost his polling numbers. Scott is currently in the single digits, far behind DeSantis and even further behind Trump.