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The American Population Is Not Defending Our Liberty

•, Paul Craig Roberts

The answer is that they do nothing about the erosion of their liberty and the erosion of the Constitution that protects their liberty.   Less than 1 percent of the American population acts in defense of our liberty, and they are punished for it.

"Our" government, acting not for us but for the ruling elite, conducts an operation against us–9/11 for example, or the "Covid pandemic," and blames it on a few Saudi Arabians who somehow outwitted the entire American National Security State and brought the greatest humiliation to a superpower in world history, or on the sale of bat meat in a Chinese market, and the American population buys such obviously false stories.

One of the reasons this happens is that American conservatives have been primed for decades to see themselves under attack from foreign enemies.  The Cold War solidified this mindset.  Currently American conservatives and Republicans in Congress see the enemies as Russia and China. 

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