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Lauren Boebert furious after Colorado passes three bills supporting healthcare...

•, by Milla

Lauren Boebert, one of the most vocal Republicans, is furious that her state, Colorado, signed three bills supporting health care rights. These include abortions and gender-affirming health care.

Big deal for Colorado

The governor, Jared Polis, Democrat, signed the bills making the state safe for residents and those who do not have support in their states.

Bills protect doctors and patients from other states

Polis ensured that those who came to Colorado for medical reasons could not be prosecuted in their home states. That includes people who come for abortion or gender-affirming care. The law protects doctors and patients.

The governor said it was about freedom

In a statement, Polis shared, "Today is really about freedom, standing up to protect freedoms that are under attack, sadly, in many other states across the country."

Boebert was furious

In a tweet, Boebert wrote, "Colorado is set to sign a law making it a sanctuary state for "gender-affirming care" for children." She added, "It is a complete disgrace that our state will be passing a law legalizing the mutilation of young children under the guise of medical care."

Boebert called for lawmakers to leave kids alone

She concluded her tweet by saying, "Leave our children alone." Later she shared another tweet alleging that over half of Americans do not support "children taking puberty blockers."