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Did Biden even recognise Rishi? Body language expert JUDI JAMES on president's...


Joe Biden appeared 'dismissive' towards Rishi Sunak when they met at an airport in Belfast last night before their 'frosty awkwardness' at a staged photoshoot today, a body language expert has said. 

Judi James said the president placed a 'hard, steering hand' on Mr Sunak to ease him aside after the PM greeted him on the tarmac at Belfast International Airport for the start of his visit to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

She told MailOnline: 'Sunak performed what is called an ingratiating ''act of inconvenience'' by waiting on the windswept tarmac to greet Biden keenly the minute his feet touched the ground. 

'This ritual is a statement of respect that Biden would understand perfectly: the higher the rank of his own guests the further outside the White House he emerges to wait to greet them.

'In Sunak's case though, the compliment seemed to get brushed to one side, along with the PM. Did Biden even recognize Sunak?

'Was it because he looked different wearing his glasses? Because the hard, steering hand Biden seemed to place on Rishi's arm appeared to push him firmly out of the way for Biden to greet and throw a smiling salute at a man in uniform.'

Ms James said that after the initial greeting Mr Sunak went on to be 'gently sidelined'. 

She said: 'He was like the guest that can't quite break into the main group at a party. Biden's body language was warm, effusive and chatty with people like the US ambassador to the UK, but when Sunak seems to touch his arm to speak, Biden's expression changes and his smile drops as he turns his head to listen.