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'Come Hell Or High Water': DeSantis Vows To Slap Disney With Hotel Taxes, Road Tolls

• by Tyler Durden

- weeks before DeSantis announced a hand-picked board to take over the district, DeSantis on Thursday promised a new round of action against Disney.

Items on the table include looking at taxes on Disney's hotels, and imposing tolls on roads that serve its theme parks, Politico reports.

The DeSantis administration is also looking at whether they can dismantle the agreement made by the outgoing board - asking his chief inspector general on Monday to conduct a "thorough review and investigation" into actions that "undercut Florida's legislative process, and defy the will of Floridians."

"They are not superior to the people of Florida," DeSantis told a crowd at Hillsdale College. "So come hell or high water we're going to make sure that policy of Florida carries the day. And so they can keep trying to do things. But ultimately we're going to win on every single issue involving Disney I can tell you that."

Disney "tried to pull a fast one on the way out the door," DeSantis said during a breakfast earlier in the day hosted by the Midland County Republican Party of Michigan. "That story's not over yet. Buckle up. There's more coming down the pike," he added.

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