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Actor James Woods Slams White House 'Dog and Pony Show' in New York as China and Russia...

•, By Mike LaChance

James Woods is one of those unusual Hollywood actors who is openly conservative and a Trump supporter.

While the Trump indictment unfolded in New York today, Woods blasted the proceedings, suggesting that while this 'dog and pony show' is going on, China and Russia are making plans to carve up the rest of the world.

It's an excellent point. The case does serve Washington as a deflection, or distraction from Biden's massive failure as a president when it comes to foreign policy.

Breitbart News reports:

James Woods Slams White House 'Hosting a Dog and Pony Show in New York' While China, Russia Plot World Domination

Veteran actor James Woods sounded off on the indictment of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday, calling it a cheap distraction from America's real enemies.

Sharing an article from Fox News about China's new nuclear submarines, Woods said that the White House is "ghost hosting a dog and pony show in New York" instead of dealing with real problems.

"China and Russia colluding to carve up the world is what the puppet masters pulling the strings in the White House SHOULD be concerned with. Instead they're ghost hosting a dog and pony show in New York, while our president naps," he said…

In an early tweet on Tuesday, Woods also decried the Manhattan judge's decision not to allow cameras in the courtroom during the former president's arraignment.

"No public trial for a presidential candidate? So even the information stream will be strangled and thus controlled by one political party. The most grievous attack on the checks and balances inherent in our constitution in play right out of the gate," he tweeted.

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