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Worldcoin Launches World ID, an AI Resistant, Iris Dependant ID Protocol

• by Sergio Goschenko

The protocol allows for an AI-resistant verification of humanness online, using a device called the orb to scan the iris of each person for verification.

Worldcoin Launches Iris-Based World ID Humannness Verification System To Counter AI

Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency token project that was co-founded by Sam Altman, co-founder of Openai, has launched World ID, an AI-resistant protocol that will allow the verification of the identity of humans online through iris scan

The project, which mentioned this launch enables a nongovernment universal basic income (UBI) obtained through AI means and distributed via digital currencies, argues that the rise of AI models that can pass or almost pass the Turing test determines the need for more innovative protocols to determine the "humanness" of a being.