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DC Judge Demands Army Combat Veteran and J6 Defendant Come to D.C. For Hearing...

• By Cara Castronuova

A January 6th defendant is in trouble for "hobnobbing with conservative lawmakers".

The Government says Retired Army Captain Gabriel Garcia violated his pre-release conditions when he attended CPAC earlier this month.

Garcia has been subpoenaed to report to a courthouse in Washington D.C on Monday for a status hearing. This comes after the pre-trial service office reported Garcia to his judge for violating conditions of his release after he attended CPAC. CPAC is an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States and beyond.

Garcia's family is extremely fearful that Judge Amy Berman Jackson will throw him into the DC Gulag after the hearing, as she has openly shown her distaste for the Army Captain and Bronze Star Iraq War Veteran. Garcia was awaiting trial from his home in Miami but according to a new government motion he violated his pre-trial conditions when he traveled to CPAC earlier this month to speak with his attorney and his Florida Congressional Representative Matt Gaetz.

The government complained that Garcia socialized with other January 6'ers and conservative politicians at the event. The government also claims that Garcia possibly traveled by private jet to DC- but not just any private jet! According to the geniuses in the DOJ it was allegedly on President's Trump 747.

How did the government come to this conclusion? A local liberal paper from Garcia's home city of Miami made this ridiculous fake news claim after Garcia posted a parody photo of Trump's private jet on social media. The government actually cited "The Miami New Times" gossip newspaper as a reference in the actual court filled motion.