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Tucker Carlson: "You're Going to Get a Hot War in Russia and China Even If You Are Against

• by Tucker Carlson

War monger Senator Lindsey Graham said that if a Russian plane ever gets near another U.S. asset flying in international waters, their airplane would be shot down. Graham claimed that is what Ronald Reagan would do.

Carlson noted that the War Party's "plan is to ignore our borders in the United States, but to defend Ukraine. They're even funding the Ukrainian pension system, not kidding, as our own American banks collapse."

Carlson said that the War Party can't defend their support for war, so they are simply pushing ahead for war with Russia. He said they do not care about Ukraine and the 100,000 Ukrainians have already died.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy demanded on television that that you send your children to war where they could die.

The majority of all voters oppose war with Russia. Carlson asked Republican candidates where they stood on the war in Ukraine, expecting them to support it, but instead 2024 presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Kristi Noem,  and Vivek Ramaswamy turned against the idea of a hot war with Russia. Ron DeSantis described what is happening in Ukraine as a "territorial dispute" that is not even in the top five critical national security concerns of the United States.