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US Federal Reserve to Inject $2 Trillion into Banking System that Will Cause Inflation

• by Jordan Schachtel

Financial commentator Gregory Mannerino said that US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen is about to tell Congress that the banking system is sound, yet the Federal Reserve is propping it up with $2 trillion. As a result of bailouts, inflation will surge.


Mannerino said that liquidity is drying up and is the excuse for new bailouts. People have lost confidence and are pulling their money out of regional banks and depositing it with the large "too big to fail" Wall Street banks. He predicted that small regional banks that got "loans" from the Federal Reserve are failing in order to go up for sale and to be absorbed into the bigger banks at fire sale prices.He said that the Wall Street banks will stocks will rise.

He says that this has been planned in order to consolidate power. He blamed the Federal Reserve for raising rates to crush the economy and kill the consumer. The old system must be destroyed in order to introduce the new system. He said that the Federal Reserve has a stranglehold on the world and is the enemy.