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Moveable Multipolarity in Moscow: Ridin' the 'Newcoin' Train

•, By Pepe Escobar

Ah, the joys of the Big Circle Line (BKL, in Cyrillic): circumnavigating the whole of Moscow for 71 km and 31 stations: from Tekstilshchiki – in the old textile quarter – to Sokolniki – a suprematist/constructivist gallery (Malevich lives!); from Rizhskaya – with its gorgeous steel arches – to Maryina Roscha – with its 130 meter-long escalator.

The BKL is like a living, breathin', runnin' metaphor of the capital of the multipolar world: a crash course in art, architecture, history, urban design, tech transportation, and of course "people to people's exchanges", to quote our Chinese New Silk Road friends.

President Xi Jinping, by the way, will be ridin' the BKL with President Putin when he comes to Moscow on March 21.

So it's no wonder that when a savvy investor at the top of global financial markets, with decades of experience, agreed to share some of his key insights on the global financial system, I proposed a ride on the BKL – and he immediately accepted it. Let's call him Mr. S. Tzu. This is the minimally edited transcript of our moveable conversation.

Thank you for finding the time to meet – in such a gorgeous setting. With the current market volatility, it must be hard for you to step away from the screens.

S. Tzu: Yes, markets are currently very challenging. The last few months remind me of 2007-8, except instead of money-market funds and subprime mortgages, these days it is pipelines and government bond markets that blow up. We live in interesting times.

The reason I reached out to you is to hear your insights on the "Bretton Woods 3" concept introduced by Zoltan Poszar. You're definitely on top of it.