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EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases lab test results of Tractor Supply "Producer's Pride"

• by Mike Adams

As background, we own and operate our own ISO-accredited (17025) mass spec laboratory and conduct over 10,000 tests each year for heavy metals, aflatoxins, glyphosate, raw materials identity and microbiological contamination (e.coli, salmonella, etc.). To my knowledge, our lab conducts more food safety testing than any other non-governmental organization in the world. We routinely test all our raw materials and finished products that are offered at, where customers know they are purchasing clean, lab-tested and certified organic products for health and personal care.

As a public service, we decided to apply our laboratory infrastructure to the Tractor Supply chicken feed question. So we purchased six products at a Tractor Supply in Central Texas:

– Purina Layena Layer Crumbles
– Flock Party Egg Maker Pellets
– Nature's Best Organic Egg Layer Pellets
– (Tractor Supply brand) Producer's Pride 16% Layer Feed Mini Pellets – Lot#TE30169528
– DuMor 16% Egg Maxx Pellets
– DuMor Organic 16% Layer Crumble

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