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We Will All Be Trapped; Something Big Lurking Beneath the Surface Warns Mike Maloney

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"The amount of gold available above ground is about twice of what was available back during [the] 1980s," says Mike Maloney, founder and CEO of "I started working on The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st about a decade ago, and the final book is about 20% of what was written," he says. "Money makes and currency takes. People need to start differentiating the two. There is no nation on the Earth that uses money today," exclaims Mahoney. "Warren Buffett isn't going to turn to bitcoin. Currencies and cryptocurrencies are dishonest and theft, we have all been monetized," he continues. "The Fed has stolen more than 97% of the purchasing power of the dollar, and gold is lagging, but there will be dramatic shifts in monetary exchange," Maloney warns. "Precious metals are the only thing that have proven themselves over the centuries to be money... A store of a value is the most important attribute of money, unlike currency," he concludes.