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States Have More Constitutional Power than the Faux Federal Government

•, By Andrew Wallace

This title is absolutely true in all respects. The States are our only hope; they are Sovereign with far-superior Constitutional powers than the Federal Establishment, which is a creature (creation!) of the states, and is limited to only a few Enumerated Powers in the Constitution, the Supreme Law of The Land. It is reported that 75% of the federal laws passed since 1913 are unconstitutional, which means the federal government is mostly lawless!

The State Governors are our only hope to save our Republic, short of a civil war. But Governors are just like legislators in that they refuse to honor their oaths of office, ignore their Constitutional Oaths,  and accept financial support from the Parasitic Super – Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC). Governors live in deadly fear of the PSRRC's ability to remove them from office, or suffer the fate of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, probably the most popular governor is Ron DeSantis of Florida. The PSRRC media has been promoting him for years, which makes me suspicious. He has gotten national coverage on everything he has done for Florida, which is also suspicious. Don't get me wrong! He has done many good things that please the people of Florida. But he has done nothing to antagonize or challenge  the PSRRC, except his actions against Disney, which he is now backtracking on. I wonder why? You must give Governor DeSantis credit for being the best at public relations.

I think Governor DeSantis may be the best of the worst, because neither he nor any other governor will exercise the superior sovereign power of the states to force the federal establishment to return all of the usurped powers to the states. Border Governors could and should use deadly force to repel invaders that are destroying our Country. Anyone who gives aid and comfort to invaders is guilty of Constitutional Treason!