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End the Insanity Immediately!

•, By Lex Greene

Any American who supports Ukraine today is either completely ignorant of history and reality, or totally insane. And there's a lot of evidence to suggest that a growing segment of American society is totally insane! In fact, they aren't just insane, they are suicidal!


In terms of war, the definition of "winning" is limited to who killed and destroyed more than their opponent. The ONLY time war is "necessary" is when freedom, liberty and justice is under direct assault on our own soil, and the only means of preserving freedom, liberty and justice in our country is to eliminate those attacking us, be they foreign, domestic, or both.

Today, the greatest threat to American freedom, liberty and justice is coming from within, namely, the anti-American O'Biden regime in control of all weaponized Federal Agencies, our Military, the news media, the internet, medicine, food and energy supplies, and all social media platforms.

Never in human history has a government attacked its own people on so many fronts in so many ways all at once, rendering that government a direct threat to not only every American citizen, but all freedom loving people around the globe. If America is no longer free, no place on earth will be free!

The current US Federal Government (and too many State governments) present a lethal threat to all American citizens, especially every Natural Born Citizen of the United States, whom they are rapidly replacing with millions of illegal invaders at both the Southern and Northern borders!

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