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The Unbearable Lightness of Being… a Mainstream Journalist (Michelle Smith, Associated Press)


Behold Michelle Smith, noted reporter for the Associated Press, and one who has in a most dutiful manner amplified the "Big Lie" allegation (that claims of election fraud are baseless). I encountered her last summer in the ReAwaken America event in Rochester, New York, and she approached me with questions. I had just left a stage where I had (nearly extemporaneously) shifted the subject of my talk to Frederick Douglass, who in 185, right there in Rochester, had given the best July 4 speech in American history. I still had in my hands two items I had carried on stage but not used (because of the late shift in subject of my talk), the then-recent admission by DHS that the Dominion's election systems were incredibly porous and the Mesa County #3 forensic report showing that one county had in fact had its results hacked (cf. "DHS Issues Report: Patrick Was Right Again. Again.") So with Michelle's knowledge I caused our interaction to be filmed as I entertained her questions, then politely asked about the "baseless" claims of her articles asking her to square them with the recent DHS admissions.