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The Ohio Chemical Spill: You MUST Be Prepared to Bug Out

• by Fabian Ommar

What is the best course of action if you reside anywhere near East Palestine?

As Erin Brockovich advised, "Trust your eyes and get out of there." Smart girl. The first law of survival is to not be there.  

The incident is still shrouded in mystery, however, the reports of animals falling sick and dying in the area are a big, bright red flag. Even if the authorities have declared it is okay to return home, I would remain away for a while because of that and the truncated, conflicting information coming out. 

Some would counter that it was just a train accident and that such incidents happen but are rare. That's true, but it's also obvious that things aren't normal and that things are unstable and tumultuous everywhere. When a situation is this fragile, things take on a different dimension, and hazards are multiplied. As a result, our perspectives and vulnerability-reduction tactics need to be updated. 

Even if you don't plan to bug out, you still might have to do it.

Rethinking bugging out and relocation with perspective on the new reality: unrest and danger can erupt anywhere, at any time.