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Why do leftists tend to act, think and LOOK the same? Check out this surprising analysis

• by Ethan Huff

The leftist personality tends to be one marked by hatred for all that is good and normal. It is also an ugly personality that tends to defy the natural order of things.

As far as appearance goes, leftists tend to have a certain look to them – usually ogre-ish and unsightly. Artificial intelligence (AI) recognition software is able to accurately identify a person's political alignment 72 percent of the time based simply on facial appearance.

"Taller and more attractive people are more likely to identify as Right-Wing and more likely to actively support Right-Wing parties, policies, and politicians," Biopolitics explains.

"In America, Australia, and Europe, Right-Wing politicians are more likely to be physically attractive than their Left-Wing counterparts. (Related: Leftist also love to destroy other people's lives – it's one of their "virtues.")

Leftist males also tend to be weaker, less masculine, and more effeminate, on average, compared to right-wing males. Again, these are generalizations and are not true all across the board, but are more tendencies of which to be aware.