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Putting The US Govt And Their 'Agents Of Terror' On Trial For Their War Upon The World...

•, By Katherine Watt

A reader recently forwarded this post to his US Senators, with the comment: "Please read the below article and announce which side you are on; that of the Constitutional U.S. gov't OR that of the treasonous, DOD-HHS bioterrorists." I encourage other Americans do follow his lead. 

Send it to your state and federal representatives and ask them: "Which side are you on?" 

If you're outside the US, you can send the same question to your government officials, asking them which side of the US government they consider allies and which they consider to be bioterrorist enemies.

Several months ago, while thinking about Brook Jackson's case, I started developing some argument frameworks to help plaintiffs, attorneys and judges get past some of the biggest legal obstacles and move closer to justice for the Covid-19 crimes and criminals. 

I published one such exploration in November. 

Nov. 16, 2022 - Some thinking about tampering with evidence and spoliation 

…The main hurdles, as in all the other strategies, are the court-stripping carve-outs in which private cause of action is blocked as soon as US Government officials and military leadership are the named defendants… 

The only way to move forward, it seems to me, is to have a third prong, which is an argument that the men and women doing these things are not acting in their official capacities or under color of legal authority but are rogue actors. 

This is related to the other idea recently kicked around on this email thread: prosecuting Trump, Biden, Azar, Becerra, Fauci, Birx, Walensky, etc for impersonating federal officials (18 USC 912).