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The Pandemic of Doubting God

• By Rob Pue

These disorders have reached pandemic proportions — afflicting people from all walks of life, worldwide. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, here in America, more than one in three adults (37%) suffer from depression or some form of major anxiety disorder. It was recently reported that among Gen Z young people, that number rises to nearly 60%.

For those afflicted, there's no shortage of fuel for our worry and anxiety. Today we face job losses and record unemployment, even in the midst of hyper-inflation. People — especially men and heads of households — worry about paying the bills, keeping food on the table and heating their homes. Our so-called "government leaders" have deliberately orchestrated crisis after crisis for American citizens as a means of control.  Real people are being seriously hurt by their actions, yet they're never held accountable.

Faced with these threats, many are ready to give up their freedoms in exchange for Big Brother's promise to make it all better. Yet we know that big government and socialism isn't really the answer — and so we worry more — if not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren.