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A WEF-FIE Girl in the Davos World Pfizer's Drunken Admission and Hamlin's Probably Dead

•, Jeff Berwick

Subject: To-Do List 

Att: FBI/CIA/MSM and All See-BS channels

Find Damar Hamlin clone, then announce his exit from NFL to pursue other interests… or death.  

Replace current Biden Bod, it's starting to smell again. 

Plan new mass shooting, involve the Alphabet People this time. Xenophobia is so 2015. 

Reward whoever came up with chicken flu scam. Eggcellent job, well done!

Drunk Pfizer exec previously known as Jordan Tristan Walker "dies suddenly". By order. 

Att: World Affairs

Get refund from the mentally retarded climate change poster girl's acting coach.

Send new Nazi Kanadian bully-in-a-skirt to head up NATO. 

Applications now open for new CBDC talking head. Posh pos in London. 

Att: Mexico Office

Investigate Grand Opening of Liberland Office in Mexico City 

Covert agents enter Max Igan's Casa De Los Cuervos at own risk. Extreme hostile territory warning. 

CC: Club members only

Attachments: Another annoyingly well-informed video from that Anarchapulco Resist man who seems to know everything. How does he do it?