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The Top 22 Posts of 2022: China, Russia, and Food Supply Concerns

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

Every year when we compile this round-up, I find the retrospective interesting. It says a lot about the things that were on our minds the most strongly over the previous year. Often we've all but forgotten stories that grabbed our attention the most thoroughly by the time the holidays have rolled around.

This year, there was a lot of coverage of Russia and concerns about China. However, the overarching theme was without a doubt, concerns about our food supply.

Without further ado, here are the top 22 of 2022.

#22) Meat Prices are SKYROCKETING. Here's How to Get Ready.

Meat prices are skyrocketing, making it even harder for Americans to afford to eat. Two years of statism have led to the beginnings of a period of inflation that is only going to grow worse. Here's how to get ready.

#21) GMOs Haven't Gone Away. Here's What's Coming to a Grocery Store (and Town) Near You. 

No, the GMOs never disappeared. They're still here, and they're being produced with a vengeance. Here are some of the major items to watch.

#20) We've Officially Run Out of Silver

We've run out of silver. The US Mint has announced they won't be minting any Morgan Silver dollars or Peace Silver dollars for 2022. Learn more.

#19) Georgia Declares a State of Emergency Over Supply Chain Shortages

Georgia has just declared a state of emergency to help them combat "supply chain issues." Is this the first domino to fall? Here's what happened.

#18) The Science of Survival: Wool Blankets

When it comes to looking at the hard facts and data of survival, what do we find when we look at wool blankets?
Here's what you need to know.

#17) Is a Chinese Invasion Coming?

Are we seeing tell-tale signs of an impending Chinese invasion of American soil? Here's what we know. Decide for yourself. Learn more about it here.

#16)  If Food Rationing Can Happen in Modern-Day Germany, It Can Happen HERE

Now that Germany has instituted food rationing, how long will it be before these policies spread? How long until the USA follows? Here's our analysis.