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Kari Lake Trial SHOCK: 42.5% of Ballots Were Illegally Printed; Couldn't Go Through Tabulators

• by daniel

Today is day 1 of the Lake v Hobbs trial, and the Kari Lake legal team is NOT holding back.

One of the key developments is that the ballots were inappropriately printed on the wrong paper.

You see, the ballots are supposed to be 20 inches long in order to go through the machine.

But election day ballots were printed on 19 inch pieces of paper.

This meant that the vote tabulators were unable to read the ballots.

This jammed the machines and led to widespread issues on election day.

It also raised the question: Were these election day ballots counted appropriately?

Here's the thing: Almost 50% of the ballots inspected had this issue.

More specifically, 48 of the 113 ballots that the Lake legal team was able to inspect were printed on 19 inch slips.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.