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Supercomputer prophesy of the Sixth Mass Extinction coming "like an asteroid"...

•, By Jo Nova

The prophesy of the Sixth Mass extinction has popped up again with hyperbolic modelling to scare us out of our money and just in time for a UN convention.  As Steve Milloy says it's just a giant land and power grab by the UN, which has just finished another meeting for "Biodiversity" — it's the Baby-IPCC for biology.  It was co-hosted by Canada and China. They couldn't even be bothered thinking up a new acronym so it was called COP15. Rinse, repeat, and press go for spin.

Journalists can cut-n'-paste the formula and adjectives from the IPCC climate press releases: blah etc blah, …close to 200 countries reached "a watershed agreement to stem the loss of nature worldwide" (but not the US).  Somehow the "bleary eyed delegates" (who arrived in jets), have waved their magic wands and cast a spell to save the Earth.  The solution, apparently,  is for the rest of us not to use about a third of our own country, or something like that. The UN bureaucrats can decide what use is OK, and punish us with threats of "endangered listings" if we don't spend enough on their favourite  lobby group, just like they are with Australia's Great Barrier Reef, even though it has record high coral cover.

Currently "only" 17% of land, and 10% of marine areas are protected. They want to make that 30% to remain "undeveloped".

It's just one more baby step on the way to centralized global government. We will need to ask their permission to use our land soon.

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