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Livin' Good Currency Ep. 23: Miriam Nelson on Wielding the Power of Fresh Food to Help Kids

•, By Andy Corbley

Now following the actor's death in 2008, the foundation gives away all the profits and royalties from its sales in order to support children—nutritionally and otherwise—for children that face adversity.

Notable Excerpt: "We look at food as one of the essential school supplies. It's hard for a child to learn if they aren't well-nourished, and when a kid grows something, I can tell you they love everything they grow; but it's even more than that. That's critical but it's also changing the system and that's really what our foundation is all about is really thinking about the ecosystem change."

The Guest: Dr. Miriam Nelson is an international leader, scientist, author and social entrepreneur renowned for her extensive research, policy work, and civic action in public health, children's wellness, sustainability, and food systems.