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Giving Anarchy a Bad Name

•, by Jeff Thomas

The Klinger character was written as a soldier in the Korean War, who hoped that, if he became a transvestite, he'd qualify for a Section Eight discharge and would be sent home. In this photo, Corporal Klinger was taking part in a troop inspection.

In the early 70's, America was still involved in the Viet Nam War. The liberal press graphically covered that war and its travesties – to the point that a majority of Americans became sick of the seemingly endless (and pointless) conflict and thoroughly sympathized with the Klinger character.

But, make no mistake about it: Corporal Klinger was an anarchist.

He did not desert on the firing line; he was not violent to his superiors; he simply dressed in an entertaining series of female outfits in order to be classified as insane, so he could be allowed to go home.

His superior, Captain Pierce, sympathised with Klinger's effort, often commenting something to the effect, "Do I think he's insane? Only if it's insane to object to having your government send you half way around the world in order to get shot at."

But the 70's were different times. Back then, the media were not owned by the same corporations that were profiting from the war.

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