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Indy's back... and younger than ever! Harrison Ford, 80, seen in FIRST trailer for Indiana Jones


Harrison Ford proves he's still got it in the very first trailer for his highly-anticipated adventure film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

The Hollywood icon, 80, returns as everyone's favorite professor alongside co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a new sneak peek capturing his many daring escapades. 

The clip shows Indy facing new foes after seemingly coming out of retirement from a quieter life in education, in addition to the results of advanced technology which de-aged the star for a flashback scene. 

The trailer, which also unveiled the title of the previously unnamed film, begins with glimpses of Indy's many escapades around the world as a man attempts to persuade him to return to his life of adventure.

But Indy has no interest returning to his old ways. 'Those days have come and gone,' he replies.

His friend seems unconvinced.  'Perhaps. Perhaps not,' he responds. 

Eventually, Indy is persuaded to pick up his fedora one more time.  

'I don't believe in magic but there are few times in my life, I have seen things,' Indy muses in a voice over. 'Things I can't explain. And I have come to believe it's not so much what you believe, it's how hard you believe it.' 

Scenes show Indy galloping through a patriotic parade and subway track, and once again busting out his famed whip.