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The New Bogeyman

•, By eric

Does anyone remember the older bogeyman – Islamofascism?

Of course, it's always the same bogeyman – in that all of them are based on fiction used to terrify people into submission. The three threes, if you like. It's the old witch doctor formula: Do as we tell you or the sky will fall! Accompanied – in the past – by the shaking of a dead chicken in the audience's face.

Today, accompanies by assertions just as ludicrous.

Wearing a "mask" will keep you safe. Taking a "vaccine" will keep you alive. Assuming it doesn't kill you first.

The "COVID" mass terror was based on the fiction that an airborne plague was afoot, dangerous to all – when in fact it was lethal to very few. That fact was deliberately suppressed, in order to create the mass terror that was used to justify the measures imposed upon the masses, which they otherwise would never have accepted.