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Davos Will Use CBDCs To Destroy Commercial Banks


We review the various moving parts of the system, consider who benefits or not (and where and how), and then run probabilities while watching the participants' statements and actions.

What we know, in no particular order:

The BRICs want trade settlement without the USD, and they want it backed with commodities.

The US wants to retain control of energy markets and trade. They need to retain the ability to set price controls.

The BRICs understand that commodities retain value and as such are working to form a currency of their own. They recognize that commodities outbid inflation as energy can't be printed.

Using first a "health" scare and now a "climate" scare, The Club of Rome, now reincarnated as the WEF, are intent on de-industrializing the world with its Malthusian anti-human doctrine.

With that in mind. The Fed seems to have perplexed everyone.

The markets thought they'd pause on rate hikes. They didn't, and they told the market that they had no intention of doing so anytime soon.

Market participants believe they'll pause when the market feels too much pain. Maybe. Maybe not.

Let's ask ourselves "cui bono?"

The Fed is owned by commercial banks. What are the risks to them?