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The "NEF": A Finance-Focused Leviathan, like the "WEF"

•, The Farm

Surely by now everyone is well aware of what the goals of the WEF are. Perhaps the methodology surrounding how a group like the WEF will execute the so-called 'Great Reset' is murky, but at least it is a household name at this point — which is important. The WEF isn't alone in the execution of these agendas — there are other groups out there that are just as impactful, yet far less well documented, understood, or well known. One of them is the "New Economy Forum".

It's critical that the "NEF" is covered similarly to the "WEF" in independent media The group has been in existence since 2018 — yet if you look through the leadership, members, attendance list, and its stated goals, the NEF is just as important as Klaus Schwab and his nefarious henchmen over at the WEF.

While there's much overlap between the two organizations, how an organization like the WEF would coordinate the work necessary to actually implement an agenda like the westernized version of a Social Credit System or Carbon Credits was unclear. The point is — they won't be alone in pushing to do so, and in order to accomplish an agenda like that, you need to have a very narrow focus on international as well as domestic finance organizations around the world. Now, that picture comes full circle by way of understanding what the roles of the major participants of the New Economic Forum (the "NEF") were in supranational organizations, governments and private institutions alike.

Read deeply into who is involved, what they were and are focused on in both the private and public sectors, and what the structural goals and agendas of the organization are.