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Situation Update, Nov 12, 2022 - The FALL of the CRYPTO CABAL

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54:30 Alex Krainer

- FTX was a massive digital SLUSH FUND for Democrats

- Money was created out of nothing via FTT (tokens), then sold off to victims of the scam

- Millions went to Fetterman and other Dems to sway mid-term elections

- Sam Bankman-Fried had pledged $1 billion to Dems by 2024

- Globalist media outlets like Reuters and Forbes then attacked rival Binance

- Binance CEO CZ needed just two tweets to bring down the FTX fraud

- Binance is more libertarian and wants to coexist on Twitter with Elon Musk and free speech

- Binance doesn't pilfer user deposits / funds and make crazy bets (like FTX did)

- We are watching the collapse of dollar hegemony

- BRICS+ nations will shortly launch a new global reserve currency backed by commodities

- Hubs like Binance will likely allow Americans to buy BRICS+ currencies via stablecoins

- This would give Americans a way to SAVE money without losing to dollar devaluation

- The future of world trade will rest on honest money, backed by real commodities