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Would Elon Buy Shift4 to Get Jared Isaacman as CEO for Twitter ? $TWTR $TSLA $FOUR

•, by Brian Wang

Jared Isaacman is the founder and CEO of the payment processing firm Shift4 Payments ($FOUR). He started the firm in 1999, at age 16, in his parents' basement in Far Hills, New Jersey and took it public in June 2020. Today he owns 38% of the stock.

Jared has already flown in a SpaceX Falcon 9 to orbit and will fly in the SpaceX Super Heavy Starship.

Alexandra's idea that Shift4 is used to accelerate Twitter into payments is plausible.

I think Jared Isaacman would be the perfect CEO-COO for Shift4.

Shift4 handles mainly payments for a third of America's restaurants and hotels. But not only. The Starlink subscription is processed by Shift4 Payments.

Gwynn Shotwell is the COO of SpaceX.

Elon is transforming from short-form text discussion into Wechat for the world.

This move would be somewhat like Apple buying Next Computer to get Steve Jobs to return as CEO.

Tencent owns Wechat at is has all of the functions below. Tencent has more value because they make most of their money from fees from handling microtransactions and payments. This is a higher-quality revenue stream than ads.

Twitter transformed into X would be Wechat for the rest of the world. North Americans and Europeans using X for Wechat like services would have higher ARPU (average revenue per user).