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IPFS News Link • Treason and Sedition

Our Great Constitution Is Used As A Front For Traitors?

• By Andrew C Wallace

All of our rights from God and our Constitution are being denied us through the barrel of a gun.

Our legislatures pass Unconstitutional laws, ignore the Constitution and legitimate laws. Those who do this are guilty of Treason.

Our people can't petition the government or courts for relief without being told that they have "NO STANDING". We have a two tier Justice System. There can be no equal justice until at least a  few hundred Officials and bureaucrats are in jail.

I will say again that a Majority of Federal Laws are an unconstitutional concentration of usurped powers by the federal government contrary to the "Enumerated Powers" in the Constitution.  This is for the benefit of the Parasitc Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) who control the corporations that bribe politicians in both parties.

None of this would be possible without corrupt government agencies like the FBI and DOJ. Of course the Supreme court is in the tank along with all the other traitors. There is a consensus among patriots that the FBI must be terminated and its employees should never be allowed to work for government again.