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The Rebuilding of America, Part 2

• By Pastor Roger Anghis

The Founders believed in a small federal government but today we have a government that has overreached its constitutional boundaries by being involved in areas where it has no constitutional right and ignoring the areas where it is mandated to be. If we look at history, we see that governments that do whatever they want, as we see not just the federal government but many states as well doing, it has evolved into a dictatorship from the constitutional republic that it started out as.

We have to recognize where our government has stepped over its bounds so we can reign in that overreach. We also need to recognize where the government has failed in its constitutional responsibilities.  The area where the federal government has failed grossly in my opinion is in border security.  There has only been two presidents in my lifetime that have done anything to stem the flow of illegals from across our southern border.  Dwight Eisenhower and Donald J. Trump. Eisenhower shipped the illegals back in such large numbers that they began to self-deport. Trump built the wall and deported the illegals.  When you look at the Constitution you'll see Article IV Section IV states that one of the federal governments responsibilities is to "protect them (States) from invasion". They may not be bearing weapons but they are still invading.  Many that are coming across our southern border are on the terrorist watch list.  Biden has allowed the population of 15 states to enter our country without being vetted in any way. We don't know what kind of diseases they are bringing, what their intentions are, nor does this administration seem to even care.

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